G+P Motoren GmbH was founded on 29 May 1978 and located in Wangen-Karsee (Germany). On 4 July 1991, the company's name was changed to MOTOREN GMBH GREINER  - MGG - Institute for Science and Research. MGG is located in Vogt (Germany).
General Corporate Management: Peter Greiner, Dipl.-Ing.
Company Profile

The company is affiliated to the field of engine construction and mechanical engineering. MGG co-operates with the most important car manufacturers on both the national and the international level. MGG holds several patents in the field of internal combustion engines, high-pressure compressors and safety systems for sport shoes.

Our highly qualified staff as well as suitable testing devices are available for the execution of development tasks. Our main business are services for the engine and automotive industry, such as:

Performance of test runs with Otto and Diesel engines

Functional tests and process optimization

Development of lightweight construction systems and lightweight components, especially of carbon materials as components for highly loaded engines

Development of high tech ceramics for sports equipment

A main part of our engine development work is the design and manufacturing of all kind of pistons made out of modified graphite materials. These pistons can be used in Otto and Diesel engines with a diameter of up to 200 mm.

The advantage of a modern engine system equipped with carbon pistons is the significant reduction of raw emissions of polluting gases - such as CO, HC, NOX - of up to 45 %.