MGG Ceramic Cleats - The Choice of Professionals
High Tech Materials for more Safety and a better Match

MGG Ceramic Cleats
Safety and Success for Professionals

Highest resistance against abrasion, wear and shock

High tech material (96 % Al2O3) - semiconductor and medical grade

Optimum stability, excellent grip, and maximum load-bearing capacity; application-oriented cleat structure

Permanent stability guarantees a long lifetime of all components used for this new composite system: high-strength and high-quality materials have been proven in duration tests

Lowest risk of injury compared to that with cleats made out of plastics or aluminum. No generation of sharp edges due to wear in the loaded functional areas.

Despite the excellent grip, fast turns of the shoe are possible without risking injury of the knee.

High Tech Material (96 % Al2O3)
Wear and shock resistant
Low risk of injury
High lifetime
Patent Certificates
EU-Patent #0948272